George Zimmerman prosecutor, Angela Corey, has a reputation of being tough, determined and fair

Trayvon Martin case puts Angela Corey in limelight

TAMPA - Michael Seigel, a Harvard Educated former prosecutor currently a criminal law professor at the University of Florida has high regard for State Attorney Angela Corey.

"People have told me she is one of the best homicide prosecutors around," said Seigel.

Seigel was impressed with Angela Corey's press conference in which she vowed to find the truth and protect the rights of all sides in the highly charged murder case against volunteer neighborhood watch member, George Zimmerman.

"When we charge a person with a crime, we are equally committed to justice on their behalf as we are on our victim's behalf," said Corey at Wednesday's announcement from Jacksonville.

Corey, 57,  was elected as State Attorney in the 4th District in 2008 after handling more than 50 homicide trials. One defense attorney called her nice outside the courtroom, but inside the courtroom, "Attila the Hun."

But many think Corey is too tough.  She doesn't hesitate to prosecute children as adults, notably Cristian Fernandez, who is facing first-degree murder charges as an adult for the beating death of his toddler brother that happened when he was 12 years old.

The criticism doesn't seem to faze Corey, and she made it clear that she will be tuning out the furor over the Trayvon Martin Case as well.

"There is a reason cases are tried in the court of law and not in the court of public opinion, and not in the media," she said.

Seigel gives Corey credit for taking on a case that could define her career.

"If she wins it, she goes on to great things, if those are her aspirations.  If she loses, she'll put her tail between her legs and we'll probably never hear from her again.

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