Defense begins today in case of the man accused of throwing a baby out of a moving car on I-275

The defense will get its turn today in the trial of Richard McTear, a man accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend's 3-month-old baby out of a moving car on I-275. 
They are expected to try to poke holes in mother Jasmine Bedwell's story. They said she initially blamed an uncle for killing the baby and also changed her story, saying at one point that the baby was accidently dropped as she and McTear fought.
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Yesterday, an oral surgeon who testified for the prosecution introduced new DNA evidence. He said bite marks found of 3-month-old Emanuel Murray came from McTear. Another witness said blood found on McTear's car and on shorts he was wearing at the time belonged to the child.
The case could go to the judge as early as tomorrow. McTear is being charged with murder. 
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