Creating Your Own Volunteer Opportunity

There are many ways to take action

All month long we have been springing into action for you. This past week, we've been focusing on ways you can take action in the community! We've given you plenty of ideas, from opportunities with local seniors and even some for animal lovers. Of course, we understand sometimes there's nothing that quite fits what you're looking for.

If that applies to you, consider your skill set and think about ways to create your own volunteer opportunity with an organization. For example, if you're a social media guru perhaps you'd like to help a group manage its Facebook page? Or if you're really good at crunching numbers, how about seeing if a non-profit needs help with its books?

There's also a chance you have a good idea to help the community, but can't do it alone. These could be things like putting together a food drive or maybe starting a walking group. The United Way offers an online toolkit for you to put together a plan of action to make your idea a reality.

Click here for a link to that site: kits

There are thousands of ways for you to take action in the community. Literally, thousands! If you check out websites like you'll see there are more than 4,000 options available in the Bay Area.

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