Comic-Con: Ubisoft shows off the bloody French Revolution in ‘Assassin's Creed Unity'

‘Unity' is being released on October 28

Ubisoft is making a big impression at Comic-Con International. The company is showing off their next Assassin’s Creed game in San Diego using an obstacle course and live gaming demonstrations.

Fans are getting the chance to run the “gauntlet.” Those who survive received a free ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ t-shirt. They also get the chance to perform like a real assassin by taking a “leap of faith” off a replica Notre Dame Cathedral to escape his Templar enemies.

The real fun comes by seeing ‘Unity’ played live.

Ubisoft says the seventh major AC game will only be released for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It has been in development for four years – long before even Microsoft and Sony had finalized the engineering specs of their new consoles.

Company officials say they worked with Sony and Microsoft to make sure the game can take advantage of the next generation systems.

Ubisoft explains ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ is designed to be an entry point into the world of assassins and Templars. They say it can be enjoyed whether or not you have played any previous AC game.

The most startling thing you will notice immediately is how the visuals capture Paris in 1789. The city map is larger than the American frontier in ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ or all the land combined in ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.’

Ubisoft sent a team to France to capture what Paris looked like more than two centuries ago. They worked with the Louvre Museum, city officials and historians to get accurate street maps and buildings designs.

You will also be able to journey through the Parisian catacombs and sewers. In fact, Ubisoft says these areas will be a big part of the game.

The game will give players more options to customize lead character Arno Dorian and how to move him through the Paris.

By harnessing the power of the next-generation consoles, Ubisoft says they are able to make navigation more fluid. Instead of only scaling buildings going up, you will now be able to “parkour down” to escape enemies or chase foes.

Developers also rebuilt how Arno’s stealth mode operates to make it more useful. This will be key because the difficulty level of open combat has been increased.

Another change in ‘Unity’ is skill advancement. For example, by playing the game you can improve Arno’s “eagle vision” to make that ability better. In the past, the “eagle vision” skill has only been “on” or “off.”

One complaint of previous Assassin’s Creed games was how you might be forced to play a large amount of the game to get non-storyline side missions available to you.

That is no longer an issue. Once you get to Paris, which occurs very early ‘Unity’, every non-storyline side mission will be available to you. The key will be to find them. Developers say you will have to wander the streets of Paris to locate them.

For gamers who like to play with their friends online, ‘Unity’ offers a new 4-player co-op mode that will always allow you to play as Arno. The game will automatically alter your Arno’s face when he is viewed by your friend, and vice versa.

As you wander looking for side missions, you may encounter a mission a friend of yours is playing. Ubisoft says ‘Unity’ allows you to seamlessly join in on their mission.

One thing I believe stands out among all the upgrades are the game’s visuals. The city of Paris is breathtaking. And so are its sounds.

You can hear the chunk of the guillotine slicing off some poor fool’s head. Look down from a rooftop and you’ll see the executioner holding up that head as up to 5,000 computer-controlled characters watch.

Those visuals require the processing power only the next generation systems or PCs can deliver.

Developers say ‘Unity’ will likely be displayed at 1080p at 30 frames per second. This choice is intentional. Company officials say because the AC games are not first-person shooters, they do not require the quick refresh rates that 60 frames per second offers.

You will not have to wait long to experience the French Revolution. Ubisoft is set to release ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ on October 28, 2014.


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