City of Tampa lowers Parks and Recreation program fees

Summer is just around the corner and Tampa residents have a reason to get out of the house: Tampa is making major changes to its Parks and Recreation program fees to make them more affordable.

The city of Tampa hopes that with the lower fees, more people sign up for after-school and summer programs or for one of the variety of recreational athletic leagues.

Here are the changes:

· A Rec Card is required to participate in programs, classes and activities offered by the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department. Non-resident fees for a Rec Card will be $30 annually per person, down from $115 annually. The annual fee for residents is $15 per person.

· No increase for youth participating in camps or after school activities.

·  Athletic leagues will no longer require both a Rec Card and a league fee. Only the league fee will be required.

· Park shelters will has a new fee tier for mid-size groups (between 31 and 50 people): $50. Previously, those groups had been charged at the large group rate of $75.

·  Gymnasium rentals will be $75/hour, rather than $125/hour.

·  Tournament and event rentals at gymnasiums will cost $200 for a two hour minimum and $500 as the maximum all day fee. Previously, the fee for users was set at $500 for a four hour minimum.

"Our parks are the foundation for our strength as a city, and I want those parks to be welcoming and user-friendly for residents and non-residents alike," said Mayor Bob Buckhorn. "Despite the city's budget crunch, it's important to me that  these programs, activities, and facilities are available and accessible to everyone in our community. The children who are in our parks facilities this summer are children who will not be at risk to the temptation of the streets."

The City of Tampa offers classes and various programming at 25 community centers and gymnasiums. In addition, the City operates four art studios and 12 pools. To learn more about programs and classes and Parks facilities, visit

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