Bay area sailors hit half way point in round-the-world journey

"Open ocean sailing is not for the squeamish," Brian Fox said Monday from the safety of dry land in Australia.
ABC Action News caught up with Brian Fox and Joel Heyne in December before they set sail.
Since then their trip has taken them through the the Panama Canal, to tropical islands and adventures most only read about.
They have been swimming with hammer head sharks, gone to the top of an active volcano and spent hours taking turns guiding the American Spirit II from one exotic destination to the next.
They have braved winds up to 40 knots and 12-foot seas.
The pictures they have captured look like post cards, but the journey hasn't been without its setbacks.
"We can't believe how much the boat breaks. And it's not just us. All the boats in the rally are breaking on a very regular basis," Heyne said.
They make the necessary fix and continued on toward home and the loved ones they left to pursue a dream.
"The only negative, and he and I both talked about it, is that we're gone longer than we would like from our families and our wives. Being gone 16 months is a long time," Fox said.
Eventually, the journey will end where it began in Florida in May.
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