Bay area resident impacted by long-term unemployment benefits cuts

LAKELAND, Fla. - "I was beside myself.  I just didn't understand why they would do this."

Randall Dotson's safety net disappeared this weekend, as the deadline passed for his long-term unemployment benefits. Congress failed to pass an extension before they went on vacation for the holidays.

"All I could do is go out and look for work everyday," said Dotson. "And I still haven't found anything. And I've been out of work since May of this year. And even during the holidays looking for something."

One-point three million Americans are losing their benefits even though the federal government has issued reports the economy is growing and job numbers are up.

For Dotson, it now puts extra pressure on his roommate to keep money coming in while he keeps searching for work. Something he says is difficult for people who have years of experience.

Dotson says it would make him happy if Congress could feel some of the suffering of the unemployed.

"If they could just take a pay cut themselves. You know, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt them very much if they could take a small pay cut even it it's just two percent."

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