Bachelor blog: Tension grows in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND - You could feel the tension growing as the remaining women arrived in New Zealand for episode six of "The Bachelor."

I could not wait to see if Clare and Juan Pablo would recover from their dramatic fallout.  You may recall last week things seemed to unravel after their late night swim in the ocean.  Clare broke down when he revealed they might have made a mistake, and admitted he wanted to be a good role model for his daughter.

This week Clare was eager to find out where she stood with Juan Pablo.  It was clear she was not happy when Andi got the first one-on-one date. 

Her sense of adventure was put to the test when he took her to "The Squeeze," a very narrow waterway.  Andi let her guard down as he guided her through the passageway.

In the end, it was worth it as they shared a kiss under a waterfall.  Their dinner ended unexpectedly when a geyser went off next to them. Their playfulness was fun to watch.  I could not help but smile when he handed her a rose.

The six adventurous ladies were excited to learn about the "Ogo" during the group date.  It basically involves rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball.  But the fun ended and things quickly changed.  You could definitely feel the mood shift during the second part of the date.  Juan Pablo was quick to comfort Sharleen as she expressed her doubts.  At the end of the night, she received a rose.  The true twist came when Cassandra was sent home.  I could almost hear her heart breaking through the television as she talked about her hopes of finding a great love. 

Clare's one-on-one date was confusing to me.  The pair re-connected during a picnic in the countryside.  Still, this "Bachelor" junkie was left waiting for Juan Pablo to apologize to her about how he reacted to their late night swim. I have to admit I am disappointed with the way he handed this situation. It seems like he put a lot of the blame on her.  No surprise, she got the rose.  Their chemistry is undeniable.  My prediction, Clare will be one of the final two.

The tension was intense during the cocktail party.  You could sense emotions were running high as the ladies tried to share their feelings with Juan Pablo.  It felt like a dark cloud was hovering over the women.

Spoiler Alert!

Not surprisingly Kat was sent home.  She seemed sweet, but it was clear their connection did not run deep enough.  One thing that did catch me off guard was the fact that the camera kept panning to Sharleen tearing up.  Later, she revealed, yet again, her doubts about a future with Juan Pablo.  But she isn't calling it quits yet.  Sharleen said she would give it one more week before deciding whether or not to stay.  It will be interesting to see what she decides.

Now only Andi, Sharleen, Clare, Nikki, Renee and Chelsea remain to fight for "The Bachelor's" heart.

Next week the women head to Miami.

Be sure and tune in Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC Action News.

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