Attempted murder victim stabbed, stomped, slit

Assault near USF campus has students on edge

TAMPA - Students living near the University of South Florida campus are on alert after a viscous stabbing at an apartment complex near the school.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies said two men wearing hoodies and sunglasses showed up at the 40-Fifty Lofts complex on Rocky Drive and broke into one of the units.  They were armed with knives and a handgun, according to investigators.  

Deputies said they proceeded to attack one of the residents inside the apartment.

"They sliced his neck open with a knife.  They stomped on the back of his head.  They stabbed him.  They beat him up pretty badly," said Sheriff's spokeswoman Cristal Bermudez Nunez.

The victim survived and is expected to recover from his injuries.  Deputies are trying to find out if the victim knew his attackers.

Meanwhile, USF students who live in the 40-Fifty complex said the attack, which happened around 5:30pm on March 27, was alarming.

"Kind of frightening," said Donna Choi, who lives next to the building where the attack happened.  "People just walking in with other residents and just stabbing someone," she said in disbelief.

The 50-Fifty property is gated, but that didn't deter the suspects, according the Sheriff's Office.  

Gabrielle Nowicki said she already takes precautions with regards to safety, but this incident has her on heightened alert.

"Kind of unnerving, but it's not a safe area," Nowicki said.  "I try to get where you're going.  Don't walk by yourself at night.  That's a big thing for girls," she said.

Deputies are hoping anyone with information that can lead to them to the suspects will call the sheriff's office at 813-247-8200.

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