ABC2 WMAR reports shooting on Baltimore campus, Morgan State University football player shot


Just before 1 p.m., students at Morgan State University were advised to stay indoors and away from windows.
It was because of the shooting of a university football player on or near the campus.
Police say a person of interest is in custody, and the gun has been recovered.
The following message was posted on the university's website following the incident: "UNIVERSITY LOCKDOWN: An emergency condition exists, stand by for information and remain indoors. Police action and investigation in progress."
University officials say students were also notified of the incident via text alerts.
ABC2's Brian Kuebler says a freshman on campus says he was awakened by five or six shots, looked out the window and saw a person shot in the leg.
Witnesses at the scene said the victim was wearing a Morgan State football jacket. Investigators later confirmed the victim to be a member of the football team.
At 1:50 p.m., the university's police department posted the following tweet: "All clear except for Blount Towers. Police still on scene at Blount Towers. Cooperate with police officials." Just before 4 p.m., the university lifted the lockdown.
The Baltimore Police Department is handling the criminal investigation.
Friday's shooting makes the second reported at Morgan State University this year.
Baltimore City police have a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting last week on the campus of Morgan State University.
Kelly Ellerbee, 20, has been charged with first and second degree attempted murder, along with assault and weapons charges.
Police say it looks like a drug deal went bad inside a first-floor bathroom of the student center at Morgan State.  Witnesses saw a man they later identified as Ellerbee running from the scene.
"We do have numerous witnesses who were at the scene and through their talking with us we were able to identify Mr. Ellerbee as our suspect," said Col. Jesse Oden, the Chief of Detectives for the Baltimore City Police Department.
The shooting led to a lockdown of the Morgan State campus on Wednesday of last week.
The victim stumbled outside of the student center, and collapsed next to a trash can.
Police say neither Ellerbee nor the victim were students at Morgan State -- leading to questions about how easy it is, for non-students to come on campus and cause trouble.
"I think that certain buildings should be closed off to the general public, for students and teachers and stuff like that. I think that part could be changed," said Imani Davis, a freshman at Morgan State.
Students do have to use their IDs to get into their dormitories, but other buildings are open to them, and non-students as well.
"I was just thinking they should try to stop having people that come from off campus onto our campus, like some way to protect the students or identify the students that go to our campus," said Robert Morgan, Jr., a
sophomore at Morgan State.
The victim of the shooting is still in the hospital but he is said to be recovering.
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