A virtual road trip, app updates and the Heartbleed Bug top the digital week in review

CINCINNATI - From viral videos to an online virus, check out our recap of what happened in the digital world this week:

The Heartbleed Bug Threat It’s being called one of the biggest security threats to ever hit the Internet – and you need to change your passwords now. Mashable shared a list this week, indicating which accounts could be affected by the Heartbleed Bug so you can protect your personal information.

Tweeters don’t Tweet? According to new data, 44% of Twitter users have never Tweeted. Don’t believe it? Check out the full report for yourself.

Pranking the prof What happens when students decide to put their professor's cell phone policy to the test? Hilarity. Trust us, it doesn't have to be the week of April 1 for this video to be funny.

Across America in under 3 minutes Is the urge to hop in the car with a map and endless road overwhelming? Our friends at Roadtrippers shared this video composed by Jeremy Heslup, who recently packed up everything he owns and hit the open road from Cincinnati to Santa Monica, California. I dare you to watch this and NOT immediately plan a summer road trip.

Anything but dry humor News reporters get to go on some pretty cool assignments. But sometimes, they don’t end as planned. And in those times, we get some darn good TV out of it.

(No) more messenger, more problems Facebook announced this week its doing away with mobile chat, driving users instead to install their Messenger app if they want to Facebook chat on the go. And this idea is…Facebook controversial, at best.

8 apps parents should watch for Kids are using ‘em, so parents, here’s a heads up about some apps you may want to know about.


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