911 calls to dispatch reveal wrong-way driver's actions before crash

Driver identified in wrong-way crash

A wrong-way driver on I-275 S crashed into an ambulance early Friday morning.
Edward Duran, 23, of Tampa, was killed when he drove his Honda Accord the wrong way on I-275.
Action News requested copies of the calls made to 911.  They reveal the wrong-way driver's actions before crash.
"Driver did a U-turn and is now traveling on the wrong direction on the interstate," said the first caller to the Florida Highway Patrol office.
"There's someone going the wrong way on I-4," said another caller.
"He just barely missed me," said a third caller hoping police would stop him.
"What type of vehicle was it?" one dispatcher asked a panicked caller.
"I have no idea," he said, "I was just trying to get out of his way!"
One caller even made a chilling, and accurate, prediction.
"He's going to cause a head-on collision with somebody."
Florida's Highway Patrol provided ABC Action News with digital audio files of calls made this morning at around 2:40 a.m. from the interstate in Tampa.
"There was a guy coming head-on going northbound in the southbound lanes," explains a caller to a dispatcher at 2:44 a.m. I swerved out of the way and he ran right head on into some other truck."
Authorities tell ABC Action News that just 4 minutes after they received the first call, the wrong-way driver collided head-on with a TransCare ambulance.
No patients were on board.
The two EMTs inside are okay.  They are now resting at home, according to the VP of TransCare.
As for the wrong-way driver, highway patrol says he was impaired, and not wearing a seatbelt when he crashed, and died.
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