Tips for recent college graduates on landing a job

If you're a recent graduate pounding the pavement for a job, there are no better people to tell you what companies are looking for than those who have been involved in the hiring process.

Former human resources employee for ExxonMobil Andrea Wilbur is co-authoring the book, 101 Things They Don't Teach You About the Corporate World.

With a release slated for the summer, Wilbur shared 10 hints for recent college graduates hoping to find a gig:

- Get comfortable with networking and don't let fear get in the way of networking with people, because it's the best way to land jobs. When you apply blindly to jobs without any connections, you likely don't have the same chance as someone else who took the time to know someone in the company.

- Be open to part-time jobs or internships, because this can open the door to something permanent.

- Have a brief "elevator" pitch that you can give an employer if the opportunity presents itself. This includes what you want in a job, your short term goals and why you're interested in the industry.

For the complete list and links to sites and blogs with programs and opportunities, read USA Today's article here:

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