Taking action for your money: Back to School Savings

ABC Action News is taking action for your dollars this back to school season with some deals and freebies from around Tampa Bay with help from CouponersUnited.com.

  • Remington College is offering free haircuts for kids under 17. For anyone over 17, you can still get a free haircut and even a manicure or pedicure if you bring in school supplies for their school supply drive. For details and locations, head to the Remington College website at www.community.remingtoncollege.edu and click on "Remington College Reaches Out" at the top of their website.
  • Coastal Contacts is offering a free pair of prescription glasses for first time purchasers. Just click the link to the Coastal Contacts website and enter the code: FIRSTPAIRFREE when you order. All you have to pay is shipping.
  • BJ's Wholesale is offering $20 off their club membership. Just click the link to head to the BJ's Wholesale website for more details.
  • Cici's Pizza just announced a new "Buffet on the Go." For $5, you get 5 pieces of pizza, a 16 oz. drink, and breadsticks or dessert.
  • And it's just 50 cents for an ice cream cone at Burger King!

For more deals like these head to www.CouponersUnited.com .

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