TAKING ACTION: Do hair products like "Curl Perfect" live up to the hype

TAMPA - You've seen the products on television and in the countless stores.  Products that promise the salon look at home for a fraction of the cost.  They all but guarantee salon worthy hair, but do these styling tools live up to the hype?

For our unscientific test, we chose three products that make big promises: "The Perfect Curling Iron", "The Infinity Pro Dryer with Rotating Brush", and "The Air Curler".  We took the hair tools to Barbara Forgione Salon in South Tampa.  Two clients and the receptionist each agreed to give each item three tries at home over the course of a week.  

Client Melissa Imparato likes the look of curly locks.  We sent her home with the $14"Curl Perfect."  Debbie Dietrick, who loves the smooth, shiny look, tested the $50  "Infinity Pro", which promises volume and 90 percent faster drying. Shana Levine agreed to test the $13  "Air Curler." 

Salon owner Barbara Forgione questioned the $13 "Air Curler's" claim of creating luscious curls in seconds.

"You get the perfect curl every time; I'd like to see that."  Forgione said. 

After testing the "Infinity Pro", Dietrick said she quickly got used to the hair dryer and brush all-in-one, and was pleased with the results. 

"My hair turned out very smooth and shiny."  Dietrick said. 

"I thought the results were good, and my hair seemed shinier."

Levine found that the "Air Curler" gave her some loose curls without the use of an iron.  Though the product might not work as well on someone with straight hair, Levine believes that it's a good investment.

"I think it's great if you have curly hair."  Levine said.

Imparato was less than impressed with the "Curl Perfect."

"I'm not feeling this at all, it would be very difficult to use behind your head," Imparato said.  

"It's not something I would buy."

All of the items that were tested are sold at major retailers across the country. 

You can try any of the products without risk, as long as you return the item with a receipt within 30 days.

We are interested to hear which products you are raving about, and which ones don't live up to expectations.  Contact me via Facebook, or email me at jackie@abcactionnews.com



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