Women who say Suave's keratin product melted, damaged hair file suit

Fourteen Texas women are suing the Unilever hair care company after they say Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 Day Straightening Kit ruined their hair, WFAA.com reports.

The complaints range from hair burning and melting, to scalp damage and bald spots.

The product promises to turn frizzy, unmanageable hair into a sleek mane that's easier to style, but Tonja Millet said it did the opposite.  

"It completely fried my hair, basically…my hair was sticky, I couldn't comb it, it felt like sandpaper, it was just awful," she said.

Unilever, the company behind Suave products says when it began hearing consumer complaints, it launched a voluntary recall in May and now the product is no longer on the shelves.

However, women involved in the lawsuit claim that the company waited too long to remove the product after receiving what may have been hundreds or thousands of complaints about the item causing damage.

Read a complete report here: http://bit.ly/SnGi9Y


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