With the debut of the iPhone 5, many are expected to unload their old iPhones

How much can you sell your cell for?

TAMPA - We found several websites willing to pay for the iPhone 3 and 4.

The iPhone 3GS in fair condition fetched a $76 bid from YouRenew.com, Cellitused.com offered $60 and Guzo.com quoted us $85.

Next, we asked online buyers how much for a good condition iPhone 4. Depending on the memory, You Renew offered as much as $166, Cell It Used came in at $163 and Guzu bid $155 for it.

What if that iPhone 4 was broken?  You Renew would pay $68, Cell It Used came in at  $26 but Guzu quoted us $115.

But Eric at U break I Fix in Tampa says consumers can get as much as $50 more for their cell phones if they are willing to write their own ad and post it, along with a picture, on craigslist or eBay.

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