When the Tampa Bay Rain basketball team folded, some fans demanded a refund for unplayed games

Delay in ticket refunds

TAMPA - Professional basketball made a return to Tampa last year with the formation of the Tampa Bay Rain. But the team folded in November, and some season ticket holders have contacted us about a refund.

Few were more excited about professional basketball's Tampa arrival than former pro player Anthony Brown, who happily paid $150 for season tickets to the newly formed Tampa Bay Rain last year.

Just months into their first season, the team folded, leaving the fan and others holding tickets to games that would never be played.

Hillsborough Consumer Protection says the agency mediated a refund with the Rain owner for one ticket holder, and is willing to provide the same service for others.

Anthony and two others tell me they filled out the team's refund form weeks ago.  I contacted the team's owner, who responded via email.

Stephen Davis says they are doing their best to refund season ticket holders as fast as they can.

That was January 3, yet Anthony is still waiting. Ticket holders can file a case with Hillsborough Consumer Protection by visiting http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/index.aspx?nid=557 .

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