Violator continues to evade code enforcement in Tampa neighborhood

TAMPA - Manicured lawns and maintained homes line the streets of Beacon Meadows, but one house on Cypress Tree Lane stands out.

Inspector Gene Minkel says the people who live here play cat and mouse with Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.  The yard fills up with cans, rusty trailers, several cars, barrels and scrap wood.  Any clean-up never lasts for long.

Neighbors, like David who has lived next door for 24 years, say the home was always tidy, but then the owner died last year and Danny Ballard moved in.

Code enforcement cited the property with four violations in April alone.

No one answered our knock on the door or a message left at the house. An internet search turned up the address for Ballard and code inspectors say the vehicles there are registered in his name.

But the citations were issued to the estate of the owner who died.  Neighbors say Ballard is living with the widow and has no vested interest in the home.

Now code enforcement is taking the case to the board who can assess daily fines against the property until the place is cleaned up.

The case could go before the code enforcement board this month.  If the fines are not paid a lien will be placed on the home.

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