Veteran claims his vehicle was towed by mistake

TAMPA - Not all tow truck companies are regulated in Hillsborough County, so when Walter Evangelist's car was towed, he felt he had nowhere to turn.

I found the front office door locked at Candlewood Two Villas, and three messages left for the landlord went unreturned.

Evangelist does not live on Candlewood Two's property.  His apartment sits just across the divider line in Candlewood One Villas, which is owned by a different landlord.

"I have had that car for nine years, and I have always parked it right there," said Evangelist. But on Easter weekend, the tenant woke up to find nothing more than skid marks in the space he parked in the night before.

Evangelist, who is a disabled veteran, had to borrow $270 to get his car back.

I spoke to the manager of County Wide Towing, who said they were simply following orders from Candlewood Two's landlord, who they contract with.  County Wide claims the driver was asked to tow several cars that night, including Evangelist's, and did not realize he crossed the property line.

But after we explained the error to County Wide, the company not only refunded all of the money, but they paid Evangelist an extra hundred for his trouble.

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