Using your debit card can be financially risky in certain cases

TAMPA, Fla. - Amy Morell lives in Ohio, and can't wait to take her four-year-old daughter Ella on a family vacation to 'the happiest place on earth.' Unfortunately, planning her vacation has taken a sour turn.

She made a common mistake when she booked the trip with a travel agency.  Morell used her debit card.  She was supposed to be charged for four plane tickets.  But a glitch in the travel agency's computer system led to seven additional charges.  So instead of $1,200 they took over $3,300 out of her bank account.

By the time Morell realized there was a problem, the bank had already charged her multiple overdraft fees, totaling more than $150.

Consumer Reports Shopsmart magazine says debit cards should never be used for large purchases like a vacation, electronics, or furniture.

One mistake can financially ruin you.  It took phone calls, and visits to the bank and travel agency for the consumer to resolve her situation.

This is why you need to think twice about using your debit card.

The overdraft fees can be costly and difficult to avoid. Shopsmart says fraudulent charges are common when you use your debit card in a foreign country and it's a security risk to use debit to pay for your online shopping.

Debit is a good choice if you want to avoid digging yourself into debt.

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