Travelers rate the best and worst airlines in America

Best and worst airlines

Every flier has a favorite.

Consumer Reports this week released its list of best and worst airlines based on the flying experiences of nearly 15,000 travelers. Sandy Walker with Consumer Reports, said, "We asked about things like how easy it was to check in, cabin crew service, in flight entertainment, how comfortable the planes were."

Southwest and Jet Blue topped the list in overall satisfaction not surprising to fliers like Katie Turner. "I think they are right on target my favorite to fly are Jet Blue and Southwest."

Southwest scored high for its lack of additional baggage fees and cabin crew service. Jet Blue retains loyal passengers for its roomy seats and in flight entertainment according to Walker. "They have those TV sets on the back of each seat and the scored high for seat comfort."

At the bottom of the list was United and the very last spot was held by U-S Airways. Fliers gave U-S Airways the worst marks of any airline for cabin crew service.

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