The rent money was stolen from the manager's office, yet the landlord wanted one tenant to pay again

Renter asked to pay twice

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - Majorie McCatty's lease states she can deliver or drop her rent check or money order  at the Rose Harbor Apartments front office.

She showed me a copy of the 764 dollar money order McCatty says she left in the rent drop box December first. Days later the landlord put her on notice demanding the rent for December be paid with in three days.

According to a Hillsborough Sheriff's report, someone broke into the drop box on December 7th and stole 14 rent checks including this tenant's money order.

Cases like this one prompt Bay Area Legal Services attorney Martin lawyer to advise avoidance of rent drop boxes. Meanwhile, McCatty claims Rose Harbor continued to demand she pay December's rent a second time. This consumer feared eviction.

Martin Lawyer says there's nothing stopping the landlord from filing for an eviction order in court but in the end a judge would have to decide.

I left a message for the manager who was not on site when we stopped in.  The next day, McCatty says Rose Harbor left another notice on her door.  This one stated they would waive the one-month rent.



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