Failed roof inspection a headache for homeowner

By all appearances, Valerie Easterly's roof is complete. But according the Pasco County permitting office, her roof failed an inspection.
This homeowner did some digging and found her roof was finished before the county inspector could examine the workmanship. That meant her contractor needed to come up with an engineer's report to turn into Pasco County's permitting office.
Easterly showed us emails she'd exchanged with her roofer in which he said it would be taken care of. One was dated last September. She reached out to me in March, and I called Pasco's Chief Building Official Tim Moore, who reminded the roofer of the overdue engineer's report.
Turns out her roofer had undergone surgery and in an email admits the process took much longer than it should have.
"Ms. Easterly's final inspection for her new roof should never have taken as long as it did,” he stated. “Once the letter was provided, her final inspection was completed by the Pasco County Building Department."
An engineer’s report is not normally required for a roof job. Usually the county inspector is able to examine the work before the roof is complete, but that did not happen in this case. That’s why the roofer was required to provide a report signed by a licensed engineer.