Their new AC unit cost more than $7,000. So why did it keep breaking?

Owners wonder whether they got a lemon

Air conditioners don't last forever, including Louise Lembo Kuhnle's.
The Kuhnles shelled out $7,500 for a brand new unit in March 2013.
The trouble started weeks later.
Louise showed me invoices for 11 repair visits on her 1-½-year-old unit.
Louise and her husband suspected a lemon. So they wrote the manufacturer, which responded that she didn’t have an extended warranty.
Louise and her husband had to pay for one $750 repair after the one-year warranty expired.
After looking over her repair bills, I contacted Goodman manufacturing.  The corporate office quickly responded.
Weeks later, Goodman sent the Kuhnles a check for more than $700 to reimburse her for repairs and they added a decade on to the warranty.
While working on the Kuhnle's case, we discovered a class action lawsuit filed in Florida last year. It alleges that air conditioner units manufactured and sold by Amana and Goodman since 2008 may have been sold with defective parts.