Taking Action for You: 5 ways to fight off a parking lot attack

Fighting off an attacker in a parking lot or parking garage is a situation nobody wants to find themselves in.  ABC Action News is Taking Action for You.   Defense experts say there are ways to not make yourself a target.  Here are the top 5 tips for preventing a parking lot attack.

•Approach your vehicle with your keys already in your hand.

•Look around your vehicle for any suspicious activity. If you see someone loitering around your vehicle, walk past until they leave.

•Change from high heels to low flats or even sneakers when leaving work. They are better to run in.

•At night, leave your office or building in the company of others. Don't leave alone after dark.

•Do a quick scan of your vehicle's interior before unlocking the door. Be sure to look in the back seat.

There may be one more way to protect yourself.  Thursday on ABC Action News at 11, we will show you how a new iPhone case doubles as a stun gun.

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