Summer means more outdoor risks for young family members

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - The accident involving a Palm Harbor girl and a lawnmower has reminded emergency services the need to impress upon the public outdoors safety tips for when the weather gets warmer.

Katie Brew with the St. Pete Fire Rescue says it's often the ones who can't provide for themselves who are the most in danger.

"Kids are just that quick. It's not that they're unsupervised, it's just because they're that quick, and they get into things when you're not looking," she says.

Headlines during the summer are often filled with children who get left in hot cars, accidental drowning or playground injuries from equipment that hasn't been maintained.

And while the basic rule she says is to supervise the children at all times, she says being prepared is also something parents should practice.

"Just basic compressions can save a life. So we really want to tell everyone to contact their local fire department, get educated on CPR and First Aid," Brew said.

No matter what emergency, when it involves a family member, regardless of age, the ability to think clearly can be the difference between a healthy recovery and serious injury or death.

"You have to remain calm and always use your resources. Always have a phone around especially when you're outdoors. Your barbecue areas, playgrounds, don't be afraid to call for help," she says.

Kate Brew also said a lot of fire departments in the summer put on safety events and training for their local communities, and she encourages everyone to seek them out and participate.

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