Store to Store Price Match Guarantees save you big bucks

TAMPA BAY - ‘Price match guarantees' save astute shoppers time and money.

Most policies provide store-to-store price matches both before the sale and for a short time afterward. Shoppers need to present a competitors ad to take advantage of the guarantee.

"We use it here all the time and it is more convenient to come here than go to a bunch of different stores," said Marise Baltar.

"It is an awesome really saved a lot of money," said Loretta Brantley.

But this year competition has stores upping their low price offerings.

Target has expanded its store-to-store policy to include, and

But the internet matching is good only thru December 16.

For the first time, Best Buy will match 20 sites, but the on line offer is excluded between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Meanwhile, WalMart is sticking with its traditional store-to-store low price guarantee.

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