State opens fraud investigation on claims filed by Tampa company NBRC Construction

NBRC Construction accused of fraud

TAMPA - Local homeowners, sub contractors and even Florida insurance companies all say NBRC defrauded them. Now the Division of Insurance Fraud says it is investigating millions of dollars worth of suspicious claims.

Tampa homeowner Jerry Collier says he couldn't ignore NBRC's calling card. State investigators say door-to-door sales and promises to make insurance pay for a new roof were all part of NBRC's strategy.

Division of Insurance Fraud Captain Mike Byrne suspects the majority of NBRC's storm related claims were bogus. The company shut down operations with out paying subs and suppliers who have filed liens against dozens of homeowners.

Others like Jerry Collier say their insurance carriers paid for a new roof that was never constructed.

State investigators say NBRC's President Kenneth Dunko is related to Carlton DeWayne Dunko, who ran American Shingle in Georgia and was arrested in 2010 on fraud charges.

In Georgia prosecutors have yet to file formal charges.

Now Florida investigators are building their own case against the Dunkos and others who ran the company. They are set to meet with the statewide prosecutor next month.

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