Spring into Action: Keeping bugs and insects at bay

TAMPA - You may have noticed a lot of fresh growth and new blooms on your plants - and with those come biting bugs like ants and bees.

To keep ants outside - make sure to trim all that fresh foliage back so it doesn't brush walls or eaves. Otherwise, ants will use them as a bridge into your home!

And watch those eaves for developing wasp or bee nests so you can get rid of them early.

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous. They can spread disease but fighting them can be as easy as plugging in a fan. Mosquitoes aren't good fliers so the extra draft will discourage them.

Be sure to use LED or yellow lights outdoors - they are less likely to attract mosquitos than bright white lights.

As far as insect repellants - don't use any with more than 30-percent deet. Those products can have serious side effects from allergic reactions all the way to seizures and coma.

To see a guide ranking some of the most safe and effective products, visit http://wfts.tv/QAShY6 .

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