Social security number mix-up led to denied unemployment claim

Laid off worker denied benefits

TAMPA - From Navy battle ships to Air Force bases David Kirkwood has worked for private contractors holding positions that range from principal engineer to systems analyst.

But all that training did not prepare Kirkwood for the trouble he encountered over what should have been a straightforward unemployment claim.  "I filled out the paperwork online, and when I got the notification that I was denied, I called the appeals line," said Kirkwood.

But he says Department of Economic Opportunity ran him around in circles and no one could explain exactly why he was denied.

It wasn't until he contacted two local lawmakers that he discovered his employer had submitted the incorrect social security number

We reached out to DEO's Tallahassee office and asked that they review David Kirkwood's claim.   Days later he received an email from DEO that stated his claim had been updated and his weekly benefit of $275  had been approved.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an unemployment benefits issue, visit the following website to file an appeal:

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