She's never been to Miami yet traffic tickets keep coming

Local woman fighting bad traffic tickets

SAN ANTONIO, Fla. - At 70 years of age, Dolores Nowakowski prefers to stick to local roads.  But the Miami Dade Expressway Authority ticketed her eight times for running toll booths.

The tag number in the pictures matches a temporary tag the Nowakowskis received back in 2009 for their then-new car.   A letter from the tax collector's office proves they surrendered that tag and number three years ago to the DMV.

Months went by, and the couple claims they could not convince Miami authorities that the black Mercedes in the picture or its tag is in no way connected to them.

Dolores worried she would ultimately lose her license.  After looking over their documentation I contacted both MDX and the Miami Dade traffic court.

Days afterward, the couple received a letter that confirms the tickets "have been dismissed and you are no longer responsible for them."

As to how they got caught up in all this remains a mystery.  What you can't tell by the picture is whether the tag number belongs to a Florida license plate. DMV says it never re-issues a number.

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