She went in looking for a tan and got burned

Customer says employee did not know what to do

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. - The sun-kissed look is always in, in Florida.  Fair skinned Shannon Rodriguez says her husband surprised her at Christmas with a two-month membership to House of Tans.

The first visit went well, but three days later the consumer met a different worker, who admitted it was only her second day on the job.  Within minutes of entering the tanning bed, Rodriguez said she felt pain.

The customer says she was only in the bed for four minutes.  Still, it was enough to leave her with what looked like a serious sunburn from her back to her knees.

I went to House of Tans looking for answers. The manager was not there, but later a man who identified himself as a manager explained over the phone that they are licensed and their employees are trained

According to the Department of Health, "Each employee who assists the customer or operates tanning devices must be trained. The operator of the tanning facility is responsible for training those employees and ensuring they take an approved training course."

The Department of Health regulates tanning bed businesses which must be licensed and House of Tans is.  But the county health department inspector cited the business in both August and September for training issues. 

Rodriguez worries what happened to her could happen to others.

Here's a link where you can check on how any licensed tanning business in Florida performed on their last inspections:  Http://

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