Roads in one south Tampa neighborhood are flooding like never before, some blame the city

Recent roadword may have aggravated flooding issue

TAMPA - Virginia Park like other South Tampa neighborhoods is plagued by flat streets prone to flooding but people who live there say recent road work left them with water that just doesn't have anywhere to flow.

Virginia Park residents say the problem affects every intersection. People who live here say the standing water presents a safety issue for the young and old alike as all the walkers step off the side walk and onto the street to walk around the water.

Residents say a single shower floods the cross streets and the water sits for days.

Dennis Johnson and Tom Schulz blame the non-drainage issues on the city's recent move to resurface the roads.

Tampa's public works director Irvin Lee admits the work aggravated the issue but maintains Virginia Park’s flat streets are the real culprit.

The tolerances we are dealing with are so precise that it is difficult to move the water through the intersection and off to an inlet where it should drain, Lee said.

Johnson and Schulz say they contacted public works, but claim they were told the work would not be done for months. Two weeks after we started asking questions city crews moved in with heavy machinery to create sort of a mini gutter at multiple intersections.

The city maintains it had already orchestrated a plan for relief.  Either way, the work will take months to complete. Still, homeowners say they are relieved something is finally being done.

The city says the work consists of a three-step process that is expected to take until June first to finish, just in time for the rainy season.

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