Reports of missing mail in Tampa lead to US Postal Service investigation

TAMPA - This is normally  the hottest time of the year for Nanette Hagan, who owns a Ebay-based sport clothing business. But not this Christmas. Not after seven of her deliveries disappeared in recent weeks.

Hagan says she could not get any answers from the postal service other than confirmation her priority mail packages never made it out of Tampa.

I contacted the Office of Inspector General, the agency that investigates problems with in the postal service. They confirmed Hagan is not alone.

The OIG claims their Tampa office has received fewer than 10 complaints involving missing mail, but it's enough for special agents to suspect an internal problem.

Last year, the office of inspector general arrested 383 postal employees and contractors for theft, delay or destruction of mail compared to 416 in 2010. It is a fraction far less than 1 percent, considering the post office employs more than a half-million people.

The OIG won't say whether they are close to making an arrest. Until they do, Hagan plans to scale back business rather than risk her reputation as a top priority seller on Ebay.

The OIG is not issuing any sort of advisory to consumers. As always, they recommend purchasing insurance or sending the package registered mail if it is either breakable or valuable.

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