Phony locksmiths get attention from local lawmakers

Hillsborough County Commission wants new law

TAMPA - For years, locksmith experts including Ed Jerewicz petitioned lawmakers in Tallahassee for industry regulation.

Victims like Casey Kubly find it hard to believe there's no regulation on people who pop locks on cars and homes for a living.

Casey claims a locksmith quoted her $15 to open her car door, then hit her with an $84 bill. The I-Team discovered the same man was convicted of criminal sexual contact in 2004.

Our most recent I-Team undercover investigation caught the attention of Hillsborough Commission chairman Ken Hagan. Today he showed our story to the board of county commissioners.

Hillsborough Consumer Protection Chief investigator Kevin Jackson explained to the board how the fake locksmiths operate.

The Hillsborough County Commission took the first step toward regulating the industry. They voted to research an ordinance that would regulate the industry.  

Ed Jerewicz the owner of Action Lock and Safe and others in the industry hope for an ordinance that will mandate certification, back ground checks and sanctions for those who violate the rules.

Commissioner Hagan hopes the county will draft and pass a locksmith ordinance in the next few months.

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