Patient says dentist accidentally slit throat while pulling wisdom teeth

Patient expected refund after accident

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Army veteran Scott Wuenn says he has never feared the dentist chair.  But that was before he went in for the extraction of three wisdom teeth in April.

From the patient's perspective, all went smoothly until the dentist began work on the third wisdom tooth. According to Wuenn, the dentist at Exact Dentistry in St. Petersburg literally slit his throat.

Wuenn says the dentist stitched up his throat, but describes the swelling and pain as 'unbearable.'  

Aside from the pain, Wuenn said something else bothered him:  Exact Dentistry would not refund the $180 they paid for the visit.  He claims they also charged his wife $25 for cancelling her own appointment after he got hurt.

After hearing their story, I contacted the Exact Dentistry office manager. 

She offered a full refund of treatment and cancellation fees totaling $200, but gave no explanation as to why this wasn't taken care of before our call.

What this patient did not know is he could have filed a formal complaint with the Department of Health, the agency that regulates dentists and doctors in Florida.

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