Online meal-planning websites help cut costs of growing grocery bills

TAMPA - What's for dinner? For Lauren Vir it's got to be inexpensive and tasty.  “This is a list of all the recipes people have been reviewing.”

Lauren is among a growing number of people turning to meal-planning websites to save time and money. “it goes in and recommends recipe ideas and those are based on items that are on sale.”

Lauren prefers . You plug in your favorite store and foods and the website matches those items with recipes and current sales. It also tallies your savings.

We went shopping with Lauren and the list she created at on this night she's picking up ingredients to make talapia tacos.”

On just this meal alone, Lauren saved close to $4 on ingredients. But on a weekly shopping trip, she claims to be shaving between $15 and $30, or an average of 20% off her overall bill -- simply by using

Other meal planning sites include:

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