One family's phone trouble turned out to be a mystery that dragged on for months

Phone trouble led to missed emergency call

For the first time in six months Sal Serbin said he's able to consistently make and receive calls.

Serbin pays around $250 a month for a family plan. He expects dependable service in return. But his family went through periods of no service at all. They claim calls to their carrier T-Mobile got them nowhere.

It was frustrating and mystifying because even when a member of the Serbin family would come within walking distance of a cellphone tower the phone would still not work.

The last straw came when Sal missed an emergency call regarding a family member who had suffered a heart attack.

We relayed the Serbins' phone saga to T-Mobile’s corporate communication office. Days later Sal’s phone rang. The company replaced all of the family’s SIM cards.

In an email, a T-Mobile spokesperson told us, “Our customer relations department contacted Mr. Serbin. T-mobile believes that we have resolved his issue to his satisfaction.”

That was six weeks ago. The Serbins said the phones are working 100 percent of the time.

Their issue was not related to cell tower coverage, but it is something you want to check before you switch carriers.

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