Taking Action for You: New street light aimed at making streets safer scares one homeowner

Homeowner takes on city hall

TAMPA, Fla. - Ramona Pierson said it is not safe to park her truck outside her home.

Pierson whose lived in a brown home in east Tampa for decades said she supported the mayor's proposal to plant new street lights along her road, but that was before the installation.

The new light came with a guy wire that TECO planted in the middle of her driveway.  It blocked the entrance to her carport.

This homeowner showed us log notes detailing phone calls she made to the city. She says they refused to do anything.

The city may not have been willing to help Pierson, but I found TECO to be much more receptive to her plight. One day after I contacted them, TECO sent someone out to see for themselves.

In an email a spokesperson said, "We will be moving this guy wire out of the way of her driveway..."

Now, this retiree can take comfort in the new street light and park in the safety of her carport.

The Bright Lights, Safe Nights program is expected to reduce crime and night time crash rates with in the city.

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