New residents waited weeks for mover to deliver belongings

TAMPA, Fla. - Relief.  That's what Chris Lavigne and his mother Dorothy felt when the moving truck finally showed up.

The Lavignes say they paid Colonial Van Lines just shy of $2,000 to move Chris and his 74-year-old mother from Michigan to Tampa.  The estimated delivery date on his contract states between May 5 and May 18, but by May 30, worry had turned to fear.

"They weren't listening to me.  They were not calling me back.  I called customer service for probably four days," said Chris.

The two say they spent more than two weeks sleeping on air mattresses and sitting in fold out chairs.  It was the only furniture they had.

We called Colonial Van Lines twice to ask about the Lavignes belongings.  The truck finally pulled up May 31.

In an email, an attorney for Colonial Van Lines wrote, "Colonial acted within the terms of the agreement, and they will act in good faith to compensate him for his inconvenience as a matter of customer service."

It is a lesson in fine print for Chris.

According to the terms and conditions listed on the last page of the contract, the delivery date on the contract is only an estimate.  The company doesn't actually guarantee delivery for 30 days.

Now if you want to check the complaint record of any mover that does business in Florida, you can contact the Department of Agriculture at or the Better Business Bureau at .

You can also contact Move Rescue, a consumer advocate group that works to help consumers who run into moving trouble.  Find out more about them at

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