Navy veteran runs out of resources leaving him in the dark

Resources that will help keep the lights on

Scott Guertin served in the U.S. Navy throughout Operation Desert Storm but was wounded during an attack in Somalia.
Guertin gets by on disability and a part time job. In recent months, the veteran fell behind on his Tampa Electric bill and had no idea he might qualify for one of its hardship programs.
Guertin called ABC Action News the morning he lost his power. We got in touch with TECO to determine if he might qualify for one of their payment support programs.
TECO spokeswoman Cherie Jacobs said the company was able to place his account in a program designed for people who are on Social Security or disability.
This program gives residents an extra cushion of 30 days to carry their current bill with no impact to their credit.
Both TECO and Duke Energy offer hardship programs for some of their customers dealing with medical and financial hardships.
TECO customers who are dependent on medical devices can apply for the Medical Watch program. The TECO Share program will cover one power bill payment for those who qualify.
For more information on these programs, visit Progress Energy’s assistance page and TECO’s support program page.
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