Mother fights to get food for disabled daughter from CVS

Missing piece of information blamed for decision

Morning, noon and night for 25 years, LuAnn Walsh has fed her daughter, Shannon, with the only substance she can physically stand.
Shannon, who was born premature, has never been able to tolerate anything other than a specialized formula covered by Medicare.
LuAnn said she received a notice from her pharmacy without warning that said her 40-year-old daughter, "Does not qualify with Medicare for the tube feedings."
LuAnn made multiple calls to Medicare and Coram, a division of CVS, but got nowhere. She said Coram told her she would have to come up with $600 a month to cover formula and another $400 for the feeding bags – money the family does not have.
The Walsh family was desperate and four days away from running out of Shannon's food when I contacted both CVS and Medicare.
A CVS spokesperson said, "When we are alerted to a patient issue, we work directly with the patient and their health care provider...In this case we have worked with the relevant parties and have resolved the issue."
Two days later, UPS delivered a month’s worth of formula for Shannon. It turns out the pharmacy did not have information that was required to come directly from the doctor.