More car owners report defective dashboards. Now an expert says it is a safety issue

Car owners say dash issue should prompt a recall

The dashboard in Nicole Boe's 2009 Camry is melting. Robert Kisarewich says it's happening in his car too. Kisarewich worries about more than the ugly factor as he says he's blinded by the glare.

He is among more than 300 people, primarily Nissan and Toyota owners, who've filed complaints with the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration.

Clarence Ditlow with the Center for Auto Safety says it could be dangerous.

Most of the complaints, about 70 percent, are coming from right here in Florida. We found three reports from car owners who blame the melting dash for causing crashes.

Nissan and Toyota say they are investigating.

In some cases the manufacturer replaced the dashes. But most of the consumers we've heard from say they've been told the car is out of warranty, period.

NHTSA the agency that could force a recall says it is aware of the complaints, but does not see a safety defect trend.

You can report your melting dash to the government at