How to manage your role as a parent's caregiver

Linda Burhans wasn't prepared for the sudden change in direction her mother’s cancer diagnosis caused for them.

Linda, who spent years showing others how to improve their business relationships, faced having to adapt to her new role as her mother’s caregiver.
"It's bittersweet," Linda said. "There was a diagnosis. My mom had stage-four colon cancer."
Linda focused on her mother's care, which she admits took a toll. One way she decided to relieve the stress was through journaling.
"It gave me relief," she said. "I could write down my feelings in a non-judgmental area."
Caregiver support groups also provide resources and comfort.
Linda said it's important for caregivers to make time for themselves, even if it's just going for a walk.
After her mother's passing, Linda decided to use her experience to help others. She's a caregiver advocate. She leads support groups and workshops.
Linda even used her journals to write a book about the challenges and joys of caring for a parent. Visit her website for caregivers at .
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