Man finally gets his prized watch back


Alan Foertch spent years climbing the corporate ladder. His gold watch symbolized a life time of hard work.


"I worked 25 years for it," he said. "I'll tell you it was a beautiful watch."

So when the time piece died, Alan says he left it at Old Northeast Jewelers for repair. About a week later, Alan claims the jeweler shipped back the watch but something was wrong.

"I turned it over and could not believe it. It was all gouged in the back where they tried to get the back cover off," he explained. "They gouged right into the metal."

So on November 4th, Alan sent the watch back to the jeweler. But every time he called, he says had trouble getting an answer.

We had several conversations with the store manager over a two month period. He explained the watch was very old and parts are difficult to locate but finally in May, Alan was able to get his watch back.

"It looks new, I guess it does look new," Alan said.

Alan got his watch back, in working order with a new back and band.

There are two agencies Alan could have turned to. Since the company is in Hillsborough County he could have filed a complaint with Hillsborough County Consumer Protection by calling 813-903-3430. He also could have contacted the Better Business Bureau at .

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