Jewelry insurer denies claim for lost diamond ring

Ring insurance doesn't pay

TAMPA - The diamond Brad put on Andrea's finger more than 9 years ago disappeared in an afternoon one day this summer.

The couple took comfort in the fact the ring was insured. But then adjusters for State National Insurance Company denied the claim, citing a defect.

We asked veteran jeweler Dan Rodda at Arthur Yates and Sons Jewelers for his expert opinion.

Rodda was one of four jewelers the Jacksons say examined the ring and gave the same opinion. Rodda stated the diamond appeared to have been sheared off.  He could not find any sign of defect in the design.

The Jacksons submitted Dan Rodda's written opinion, but the insurance company's adjuster pushed back, demanding that it be on letterhead rather than email. 

Turns out the Jacksons don't qualify for state-mandated mediation, since the insurance policy was separate and not a rider on their homeowners policy. 

Now they are left to ask the experts they've consulted to write letters to the insurance company.  They hold a dimming hope of any resolution.

State regulators see this as a contractual issue and the differing of expert opinions. Had this policy been part of their homeowners coverage, state regulators would look into and offer mediation for the consumers.  Something to consider when deciding to insure your own jewelry.

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