We test a new way to shop for groceries online

MySupermarket.com went online last summer. The site bills itself as a solution for time-challenged people who are interested in saving money, which covers just about everyone.
The site prices thousands of items through a handful of vendors including Walmart.com, Walgreens.com and Amazon.com to find shoppers the best price.
We picked out 10 everyday items on MySupermarket.com, everything from soup to cereal, and compared prices at a local grocery store.
The brick-and-mortar store beat MySupermarket.com on apple juice by 48 cents, but the website proved cheaper on the other nine items.
So what about coupons? MySupermarket.com says it includes online coupons in the price at checkout but nothing more.
One possible downside: The website charges shipping unless you spend $75 or more, and you have to sign up online for all the vendors that are shipping to your home like Walmart and Walgreens.
You can't purchase meat, produce or dairy on MySupermarket.com, but a spokesperson said they are working on adding those options. And you'd have to test for yourself if combining coupons with sales at your local store would be a better buy.