How to tell if your tires are too old

Old tires are dangerous

INDIAN ROCKS BEACH, Fla. - Kim Nolan said it sounded like a shotgun went off under her car.  Nolan, a chiropractor on Indian Rocks Beach, lost control of her Dodge while driving south on I-275.

It wasn't until after the near crash that Dr. Nolan discovered the used tires she bought from an auto repair shop in April were actually made 22 years ago.

Chris Brazzeal, owner of Brazzeal Tires, said looks can be deceiving.  Even if there's plenty of tread on the tire or the tire is new, it is the age you want to look for.

In Florida, there are no restrictions on the sale of old tires, which is why it is important for consumers to check the date stamped on every tire.

The date the tire is made is stamped on every tire in the form of a four-digit number.  If the date stamp reads 1508 that is the 15th week of 2008, but the number is not always on the outside of the tire.

Brazzeals advises customers to avoid driving on tires new or used that were made more than 5 years ago.  Kim Nolan say's she'll petition local lawmakers for legislation banning the sale of old tires, but for now she hopes her story serves as a warning to others.

Tires made before 2000 have only a three-digit code.  If you can't find the code because it is on the inside, most tire shops will be happy to locate it for you.

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