How much cash can you get for your old phone?

Old phones can be worth $100 or more

TAMPA - So how much is your old iPhone, Droid or Blackberry worth?

We took four old phones, an iPhone 3GS,  an iPhone 4S, a Droid X2 and a Blackberry Curve. We found three websites willing to pay for our old devices.

The iPhone 3GS fetched a $76 bid from, offered $60 and quoted us $85.

Eric Hermanson of U Break I Fix cautions his customers to empty the phone of all personal data before handing it over to any buyer.

You can reset the phone to its factory condition.  Go to settings, look for 'factory reset' and follow steps to erase all content. You'll also want to remove the sim card and your phone should be safe to sell.

Next, we asked the three online buyers how much they would pay for the broken iPhone 4S.  You Renew offered $68, Cell it Used bid $26, but Guzu quoted us $115.

You Renew had no interest in our Droid X2, Cell it Used offered us $5 dollars for it, and Guzu quoted $7.50. The Blackberry Curve netted similar results.

Just two offers, Cell it Used said they would pay $2 and Guzu came in at $6.

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